I'm am presently in the process of setting up Instructor Level Courses for the disciplines in PISTOL, SHOTGUN, RIFLE and CHIEF RANGE SAFETY OFFICER.


If you have an interest in teaching any of these areas, please contact me (Don Lettieri) 


This is a process and requires a prerequisite to be completed and evaluated.  A pre-shoot would also have to be completed. Dates TBD.

This will also give you a chance to give back to the gun community.


All VOAGC members receive a discount. 


The Basic Course needs to be taken first.


For anybody who may be interested or has additional questions, feel to contact ME directly. 


Be Safe,

Don Lettieri

VOAGC Club  Chief Trainer

*NRA Training Counselor




​​1. Basic Shotgun

October 21st, 4:30--10pm  Classroom only. All members pay $50. 

(Plus Range fees at Suffolk Skeet/Trap in Yapank)  *Date TBD

2.  BIT  (Basic Instructor Course)  This required for all Instructor level courses.  Must be taken once every 2 yrs.

October 28th, 4--10pm.  Classroom only.  No live ammo in class. 

You must contact me by text -Don Lettieri  (631-219-2882) to sign up.    No fee, if you are registered for one of the Instructor Courses. 

3. Instructor Course --- Pistol

November 8th, 8--5pm

Must meet all standards and have Basic Pistol Cert.   Members will receive a $50. discount. 

A pre shoot is required to qualify. Date TBD.  The BIT (Basic Instructor Training) is required within the last two years and can be taken on Oct 28th, at 4pm.  This is included at no additional cost.

4. Instructor Course --- Shotgun

November 29th, 8---5pm

Must meet all standards and have Basic Shotgun Cert.   Members will receive a $50. discount

The BIT (Basic Instructor Training) is required within the last two years and can be taken on Oct 28th, at 4pm.  This is included at no additional cost.

5. CHIEF RANGE SAFETY OFFICER  (Instructor Level Course)

*Must have RSO certification to take this course. 

Chief Range Safety Officer can teach and certify RSO's

January, 30th -31st,  2021          V.O.A.G.C receive a $50. discount.

6. Pistol Tournament Fund  Raiser  8:00 am – 5:00 PM

December 13th,  8:00am --10pm    Please contact Don Lettieri to get on the list. 631-219-2882

Details to follow.




Sign Up Using the Links 

Please note ONE class per VOA Member.  

Please wait to sign up for additional classes until all members have met the safety requirements.  

Members may bring spouse and or children.

         Don Lettieri

Chief Instructor

NRA Training Counselor

  • DCJS - NYS Instructor General Topics/Armed Guard

  • Utah Concealed Carry Instructor

  • Retired Federal Officer (DOJ) with over 27 years of experience to include military (U.S.A.F). 

  • F.L.E.T.C. Certified Firearms Instructor/Trainer 

  • Less Than Lethal Instructor/Tactical-Executive Protection 

  • NRA Life Member (Patriot Level)

  • NY Pistol & Rifle Assn Member

  • Fraternal Order of Police Trustee - NYS Lodge 222

  • FLEOA  Member


          Anthony Cannella
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Instructor

  • Certified Pistol

  • Certified Rifle

  • Certified Shotgun

  • Certified Muzzleloading

  • NRA Life Member; Benefactor

  • New York State Rifle and Pistol Association; Life Member

  • Gun Owners of America; Life Member


          Donna M Kearney

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA instructor

  • Certified Pistol

  • Certified Rifle

  • Certified Shotgun

  • Armed Inside the Home

  • Armed Outside the Home

  • Home Firearm Safety

  • Defensive Pistol 


VOAGC Secretary

Vice President New York City Auxiliary Police Foundation

Detective NYPD Retired

Make all check payable to: VOA Gun Club

Anyone unable to attend these specific days of the week, please send an email indicating your available schedule.  As soon as we have an appropriate number of members we will schedule another class.

You must register for each class at least 5 days in advance.  Please send an email with the following information:

Name (As you would like it to appear on your certificate)



Telephone # 


The NRA requires you provide the above information in order to register for a class on their web site.

Thank You

Veterans Of America Gun Club