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VOA Gun Club


The Veteran's of America Gun Club  has been a tradition here since 1937. The top priorities of the club are to provide safety education for firearms owners and to foster and promote the competitive shooting sports.


This 5 station 50' NRA affiliated, shooting range offers the expert shooter, as well as the novice, a safe shooting environment. The target carriers position all commonly used targets at eye level. The steel impact plates are safety rated to handle all normal lead handgun ammunition and rifles firing handgun caliber lead bullets may also be fired. The oversized ventilation system was designed to keep a steady flow of fresh air moving downrange and away from the shooting points.


  • A Five Point Indoor Shooting Range For Pistol and Rifle.

  • Secured Facility Allows Access to Members Only

  • Range Hours: 8:30 AM TO 10:30 PM

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